Welcome to my website

Hello all and welcome to this awesome website , my name it's Ashley and i'm 23 years old. I always liked to write articles about software , i like to do reviews , i wrote so many reviews for softonic.com and other website and i decided to start my own blog where i will write all the reviews i want , i will not post any paid reviews , i mean if somebody give me a paid license of a program to test it and leave a honest review on my blog i will do it but i will not lie about it . So please subscribe to my website and you will find a lot of intersting information . 


Let's start with the first post on this year , i hope you will like my blog and watch it everyday because i will post on it a lot of good information that you will like , so let's start with fraps , do you know what it's fraps ? I don't think so , Fraps it's one of the most used software for video recording , you can't edit video's with it but you can record video , for video editing i recommend Sony Vegas Pro , it's expensive but it's worth the price , you shoud buy it you can also get a cracked version but i don't really like this alternative if you don't have money to buy Sony Vegas Pro you shoud get a free alternative . 

How does Fraps look ? 

It's very simple and easy to use it , you don't need any knowledge to use it , you only have a few option , this tool it's made specialy for gamers who need to record them while are playing games , like riot or LOL for example . You have some option like the hide mouse cursor in the video if you don't want to be there or to force lossless RGB , you can also record the full or half size of the screen and you can set how may FPS you want to have , and other's options . I will post every day on this blog simple and easy reviews and tutorials about tools that you need every day . I forget to tell you from where you can get fraps , you shoud check this website